The NOMEPRE network comprises of free-form network of scholars, academics, and practitioners acting in the field of productivity and efficiency analysis. The activities of the NOMEPRE network are organized and supervised by board of the network which at the moment comprises the following persons:

Timo Kuosmanen, chairman (Aalto University School of Economics)

Mika Kortelainen, vice-chairman (Government Institute for Economic Research, Finland)

Antti Saastamoinen (Aalto University School of Economics)

Sami Pakarinen (Pellervo Economic Research PTT)

 If you wish to join to the mailing list of the network, send e-mail to Antti Saastamoinen (antti.saastamoinen[at]

The HeWEPA mini-workshop in 4 May 2012 brought together people from NOMEPRE network.
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