Published theoretical articles

Kuosmanen, T., and M. Kortelainen (2012): "Stochastic non-smooth envelopment of data: Semi-parametric frontier estimation subject to shape constraints", Journal of Productivity Analysis 38(1), 11-28.

Keshvari, A., and T. Kuosmanen (2013): "Stochastic Non-Convex Envelopment of Data: Applying Isotonic Regression to Frontier Estimation", European Journal of Operational Research 231, 481-491.

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Kuosmanen, T., and A. Johnson (2010): "Data envelopment analysis as nonparametric least squares regression", Operations Research 58(1): 149-160.

Kuosmanen, T. (2008): "Representation theorem for convex nonparametric least squares", The Econometrics Journal 11, 308-325.


Published applications

Saastamoinen, A., and T. Kuosmanen (2014): Quality Frontier of Electricity Distribution: Supply Security, Best Practices, and Underground Cabling in FinlandEnergy Economics, in press.

Saastamoinen, A., and T. Kuosmanen (2014): Is Corruption Grease, Grit, or a Gamble? Corruption Increases Variance of Productivity Across Countries, Applied Economics, in press.

Eskelinen, J., and T. Kuosmanen (2013): "Intertemporal Efficiency Analysis of Sales Teams of a Bank: Stochastic Semi-Nonparametric Approach", Journal of Banking and Finance 37, 5163–5175..

Kuosmanen, T., A. Saastamoinen, and T. Sipiläinen (2013): "What is the Best Practice for Benchmark Regulation of Electricity Distribution? Comparison of DEA, SFA and StoNED Methods", Energy Policy 61, 740-750. (WP version).

Dai, X., and T. Kuosmanen (2014): "Best-Practice Benchmarking Using Clustering Methods: Application to Energy Regulation", Omega 42(1), 179-188.

Kuosmanen, T. (2012): "Stochastic semi-nonparametric frontier estimation of electricity distribution networks: Application of the StoNED method in the Finnish regulatory model," Energy Economics 34, 2189-2199. (WP version).

Mekaroonreung, M., and A.L. Johnson (2012): "Estimating the Shadow Prices of SO2 and NOx for U.S. Coal Power Plants: A Convex Nonparametric Least Squares Approach", Energy Economics 34, 723-732.

Kuosmanen, T., and N. Kuosmanen (2009): "Role of benchmark technology in sustainable value analysis: An application to Finnish dairy farms”, Agricultural and Food Science 18(3-4), 302-316.


Book chapters

Kuosmanen, T., A.L. Johnson, and A. Saastamoinen (2014): "Stochastic nonparametric approach to efficiency analysis: A unified framework", forthcoming in J. Zhu (Ed.) Handbook on DEA Vol IISpringer. 

Johnson, A.L. and T. Kuosmanen, 2014. "An Introduction to CNLS and StoNED Methods for Efficiency Analysis: Economic Insights and Computational Aspects", in S. Ray, S. Kumbhakar, and P. Dua (Eds) Benchmarking for Performance Evaluation: A Production Frontier Approach, Springer.


Working papers where the StoNED method was first introduced

Kuosmanen, T. (2006): "Stochastic nonparametric envelopment of data: Combining virtues of SFA and DEA in a unified framework", MTT Discussion Paper No. 3/2006.

Kuosmanen, T., and M. Kortelainen (2007): "Stochastic nonparametric envelopment of data: cross-sectional frontier estimation subject to shape constraints", University of Joensuu, Economics Discussion Paper No. 46.


Other papers related to StoNED


Andor, M., and F. Hesse (2014): "The StoNED age: the departure into a new era of efficiency analysis? A monte carlo comparison of StoNED and the "oldies" (SFA and DEA)", Journal of Productivity Analysis 41(1), 85-109.

Lee, C.-Y., A.L. Johnson, E. Moreno-Centeno, and T. Kuosmanen (2013): "A More Efficient Algorithm for Convex Nonparametric Least Squares", European Journal of Operational Research 227(2), 391-400. 

Kuosmanen, T., and M. Fosgerau (2009): "Neoclassical versus Frontier Production Models? Testing for the Presence of Inefficiencies in the Regression Residuals”, Scandinavian Journal of Economics 111(2), 317-333.

Kortelainen, M. (2008): "Estimation of semiparametric stochastic frontiers under shape constraints with application to pollution generating technologies", University of Joensuu, Economics Discussion Paper #55.

Kuosmanen, T. (2007): "Stochastic nonparametric envelopment of panel data: Frontier estimation with fixed and random effects approaches", paper presented at EWEPA X, June 27-30, 2007, Lille, France.

Kuosmanen, N. (2010): "Assessing the effect of land-use diversity on farms' productive efficiency", Working Paper, MTT Agrifood Research Finland.


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